Media Pitch Management

How can I select the best media agency to fit company needs?

  • In the rapidly changing consumer, media and agency environment, it is important periodically, to re-base Service, Tools and Prices via Media Pitches.
  • Choosing the right media agency partner is one of the most critical decisions a marketing and procurement team can make.
  • AuditStar helps advertisers find and engage with the best agency partners through an Open Pitch Management Service.
  • We can provide full service consultancy, or we can support different stages of the process, from long list selection, through to shortlist, strategy and scope of work brief, future proofed pricing, fee and remuneration structure, and KPIs linked to performance and contract.
  • We work collaboratively to advise on the most appropriate operational model and the best way to set up a sustainable partnership that is right for each client.

Agency Model Optimisation

What is the optimal agency model to help drive business growth?

  • AuditStar helps advertisers create and sustain the optimal relationship with their agencies.
  • We provide a framework for undertaking a strategic and analytical assessment of existing models to determine the most effective solution for delivering increased efficiency and productivity, to meet the individual needs of each advertiser.
  • We advise on the working process between the advertiser and other strategic partners, the agency scope of work, team structure, roles and responsibilities, as well as remuneration and incentives and reporting transparency and accountability.

Contract & Compensation Assessment

Have I got a contract that motivates my agency while ensuring full transparency and disclosure?

  • AuditStar believes that a sound commercial agreement is fundamental to efficient agency management and a successful relationship.
  • The contract establishes expectations, sets the required service parameters and helps deliver transparency and competitive pricing.
  • Getting it right and respecting what’s been agreed allow everyone to focus on delivering business results.
  • We provide a commercial perspective by checking for the existence of all “required standard” clauses and assess the clarity of contract wording. We also ensure that the methodology for calculating bonus related performance is clearly defined.
  • We verify all commercial commitments including cost calculations and other related rebates.

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