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Media Management

1. Quantifiable savings

AuditStar’s role is to achieve quantifiable savings on media spend for national and multinational advertisers by improving the efficiency of, and relationship with, their media buying agencies around the world.

As media consultants, we cover the whole media audit process from initial brief to post-campaign results analysis. This allows us to impartially assess agency performance in media costs, media quality and service levels. In addition, we run and support media agency tenders.

We have no standardised answers: our solutions, teams, and analysis are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. They are realistic, practical and delivered through a suite of customised proprietary tools and databases.

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2. A global network of media auditors

Our global network of experienced partners and specialist associates provides our multinational clients with top quality, experienced, hand-picked teams of principals and senior consultants, customised by assignment.

All media audit projects are managed and coordinated out of London to ensure quality and consistency in output. This multinational team of experienced senior media professionals speaks eleven languages via mostly native speakers: Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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3. An independent voice

AuditStar is privately owned and wholly independent of any agency, media owner or public shareholder. We do not plan or buy media – that is the responsibility of the media agencies. The media management advice and recommendations we give are impartial and objective, as are our media audits. We work to create trust, transparency, and accountability by building long-term mutually beneficial relationships between client and agency. Our data, methodology, and results are shared with client and agency. We challenge both client and agency in a spirit that is impartial, constructive, and fair to both agencies and media. We actively promote and encourage best practice sharing between client and agency geographies.

Our Range of Services

4. A range of media management services designed to support national & multinational marketers & advertisers

AuditStar is a media consultancy that offers a comprehensive range of media management services from choosing the right media agency, agreeing the right contract, through media budget setting to optimising the return on media investments and client media training.

AuditStar’s media management services are based on a suite of market leading customised proprietary tools. These tools have been developed in house to form unique methodologies that are reliable and effective. AuditStar builds bespoke predictive models for each client using these proprietary tools, which enables the team to offer quantifiable insights of your media spend.

Our services

Our Range of Services

AuditStar provides answers to the questions that all national and multinational advertisers ask themselves:

Setting Optimised Media Budgets

Determining Effective Media Strategy

Assessing Media Agency Performance

Analysing Media Value for Money & ROI Benchmarking

Media Performance Audit

Assessing Media Performance & Benchmarking

Assessing Effectiveness of Media Spend

Motivating Media Agencies

Setting incentive linked KPIs

Developing the right contract

Implementing an efficient working process

Checking Media Agency Financial Processes

Assessing Media Agency Contracts

Selecting the Right Media Agency

Media Training

AuditStar’s bespoke media market training

Analysing the Effectiveness of Online Spend