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  • Financial Process & Controls

    How to improve the financial process with our media agency

    • An efficient financial process ensures agency transparency and contract compliance.
    • AuditStar examines the agency financial systems and processes used to buy and account for media purchases and client invoicing by checking the core financial controls operated by both advertiser and agency.
    • We review the entire financial process, including the timing and value of billing and fees, media costs, agency expenses and third party costs and check for contract compliance.
    • We review contract clauses regularly to reflect current best practice and full agency disclosure.

    Data Ownership & Management

    How can I check that the agency is managing my data and digital investment optimally?

    • Companies must adapt quickly in an environment where technology, the economy, customer needs and the market in general is under constant change. Agile, in-depth analysis is essential.
    • Across all disciplines, there has been a rise in Programmatic Digital Buying. With automation comes efficiency but also complexity and risk. It is increasingly important to watch out for Ad Fraud and Brand Safety and Supply Chain Transparency.
    • At AuditStar we request full access to all data in order to audit digital costs, quality and transparency.
    • We build dashboards using agency and client sourced data to put our clients in control of their media investments.

    Contract Compliance

    Is our media agency delivering all services and pricing as contractually agreed?

    • Contract Compliance Audits are a vital governance tool to give advertisers a clear picture of how efficiently their media investments are deployed.
    • AuditStar helps our clients ensure they are getting the services and media presence they have paid for.
    • Our aim is to deliver greater financial transparency, guaranteed agency compliance and full rebate of all value and benefits due.
    • We investigate whether the agency is complying with the agreed terms of business, and whether the correct billing practices are being followed, identifying where the process can be improved to unlock efficiencies and strengthen the client-agency relationship.
    • In a complex and ever changing digital market, our specialists check that contractual obligations are being adhered to, particularly in relation to programmatic media and related inventory purchases.

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