Media Performance Audit

Is the agency delivering the required media pricing and quality versus benchmarks to achieve our business objectives?

  • Regular and thorough media audits ensure that media agencies focus on buying the right quality media at the right prices to deliver effective communication to meet advertiser business objectives.
  • AuditStar Media Performance Audit provides advertisers with a customised cost and quality evaluation addressing the specific business needs of their brand and the media buying objectives.
  • We use our proprietary Media Mapping© and AuditStar Tracking© tools to set and monitor media costs and quality benchmarks which are specific to each client’s strategy.
  • We help our clients control their media performance management via 4 KPI Pillars: media prices to maximise investment ROI, media quality to support strategy, agency service to meet client needs and business KPIs to deliver business results.

Performance Management Dashboards

How can I access and manage all the data required to support communication and investment decisions?

  • At AuditStar we build secure, customised Performance Management Dashboards and data visualisation tools that enable our clients to manage their investments and performance at both a macro and micro level.
  • This means the dashboards can be used by all functions within the advertiser, across marketing and purchasing and from top management globally to local media management.
  • The dashboards are an intrinsic part of our audits and a sophisticated solution to add depth to a two-dimensional media audit report.
  • Our Performance Management Dashboards are interactive, accessible, intuitive, easy to navigate and updated regularly.
  • They are individually built to meet our clients’ bespoke analytical requirements and combine data from multiple sources.
  • Reports can be easily created and shared in universal formats.

KPI Setting & Benchmarking

How can I hold our media agency accountable for our communication investment?

  • To ensure transparency and fairness in the media agency and client relationship, AuditStar establishes KPIs across 4 main Pillars: media cost, media quality, agency service and business results.
  • We do not use a standardised set of metrics. Instead we define and assess performance against metrics that support the client’s own communication framework and market environment, facilitated by our proprietary Media Mapping© and AuditStar Tracking© tools.
  • The AuditStar process enables clients to assess selected measures, impartially, against a Balanced Performance Scorecard. This assessment helps inform future strategy and media execution by setting challenging but relevant and attainable performance targets.

Investment Modelling & ROI

How can I ensure the best possible ROI from our media investments?

  • At AuditStar we evaluate marketing performance versus targets and co-relate marketing results to media activity by applying our advanced analytical tool ModelStar©.
  • We analyse business and communication metrics (sales, market shares, awareness vs. competition…) together with relevant media metrics (ad spend, share of spend, media mix, share of voice, reach build cost efficiency, campaign structure, weekly weights…) to develop predictive models.
  • We advise impartially on the overall level of media investment, as well as the media mix by brand, channel and geography, as required.
  • We always operate from a strategic perspective providing impartial advice; we do not plan or buy media, that is the agency’s responsibility.
  • Insights from this process are used to optimise future media investments in order to maximise ROI.

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